The Secret Song

Joyce's Newest Book

Recently Joyce has been working on an adult fantasy series about the Atlantis myth. The first book in this series is called The Secret Song. Joyce is represented by Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour agency.

In a world where telepaths and clairvoyants are common, Ciara is born with a unique gift.  When she sings, she is a prophet.  But no one around her reacts to this well. Her teacher wants to keep it a secret, her brother thinks it’s ‘creepy’, her sister is jealous, and her father fears she may expose his illegal medical practices.  More than anything, Ciara wants to be loved and accepted by her family, so she stifles her gift and loses confidence in her own judgment.  But when her father’s activities damage her sister and seem to be the cause of dire climate changes, Ciara begins to realize it’s when she doesn’t speak up that people get hurt. She begins to find her voice, but is it too late?  And must she risk losing her brother’s love forever in order to stand up for what she knows is right?